Google API

Privacy Policy

Cydas Inc.

CYDAS create custom applications for businesses ("the client" ) as a framework for the storage and manipulation of data. As a part of your CYDAS solution, there may be various integrations with third-party application programming interfaces (APIs).

Privacy Policy for interaction with Google API Service

Application access to Google user data

Access to data is granted through the "CYDAS" Google API application. The purpose of this is to access data from the client's authenticated Google account (calendar data). This data is served once requested by the client. At no time is the data accessible by CYDAS, inc.

Types of Data Collected

We collect the following information about you using the Google API:

  • The id/Start time/End time of your registered events in Google Calendar
  • The Email address of linked account

The following information are used when an event is registered into the calendar:

  • Summary, location, description, start and end time, attendees

Application use of Google user data

Cydas Application will use information for the following purposes:

By accessing data such as id / start time / end time of google calendar event, the acquired data is used for checking users availability for scheduling purpose in Cydas application.

Application storage of Google user data

From the information, that is obtained from Google API, the followings are saved into the Cydas database:

  • Token information (access token / refresh token / validity period), which we use to access to the calendar API.
  • Calendar event ID, which is used to link the schedule created within the Cydas Application and the event on the Google Calendar.
  • Email address of the linked account, which used to identify the obtained or updated calendar.

Application sharing of Google user data

Cydas Inc. do not share any information to third-parties.